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Shape Your Community: Voice Your Views in Newcastle’s Hazard Mitigation Survey

Shape Your Community: Voice Your Views in Newcastle’s Hazard Mitigation Survey

Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

NEWCASTLE, OK — The City of Newcastle is urging residents to engage in the vital process of updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan by participating in a comprehensive community survey. The city, under the guidance of Emergency Management Director Donnie Sullins, emphasizes the importance of this initiative in safeguarding the community against potential hazards.

"Hazard mitigation is essential not only for the safety of our community but also for the resilience of our environment and infrastructure," stated Donnie Sullins. "By taking part in this survey, residents contribute directly to strategies that can significantly reduce risks of disaster."

Residents can voice their concerns and suggestions regarding natural and man-made hazards by accessing the survey below.

The feedback collected will be instrumental in shaping the city's strategies to mitigate risks such as earthquakes, floods, and other critical threats.

"The more input we have from our community, the better equipped we'll be to handle emergencies," Sullins added. "Your participation is crucial in helping us build a safer Newcastle."

For further information and to complete the Hazard Mitigation Survey, please visit the link provided below. Your feedback is valuable and greatly appreciated.

Hazard Mitigation Survey

Office of Emergency Management
City of Newcastle, Oklahoma
Phone: 405-387-2922
Emergency Management Website: