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Park Planning

Over the years, the City of Newcastle has worked to develop its ability to provide better parks and recreation. As the city has grown, the city staff and Parks Board have collaborated on improvements to park offerings and recognized a need for better future planning and the need for professional guidance in this.

Veterans Park Master Plan / Community Parks Master Plan

Click to view Veterans Park Master Plan ImageOur Veterans Park Master Park Plan was adopted in January 2021 (click image at right for overview) using community feedback and staff guidance, along with professional design help from Howard-Fairbairn Site Design.

Over a period of 8 months, our community came together to set an initial direction for long range park planning. Howard-Fairbairn Site Design used information from city staff, the parks board, community surveys and public meetings to formulate a master park plan for Veterans Park. At all stages, staff hosts public meetings and workshops to gather community input. Click HERE to view the 2021 Adopted Master Park Plan Executive Summary. (requires PDF reader)

Municipal and Neighborhood Parks

Other parks within Newcastle can also provide recreational and cultural services to residents and visitors and enhance the quality of life in Newcastle. Planning for parks extends to enhancing and developing city and neighborhood parks. This begins by identifying needs, such as:

  1. Maintaining and improving physical assets of existing parks.
  2. Developing facilities and programs in parks to meet community needs.
  3. Improving access to existing parks.
  4. Promoting and increasing awareness of the value of parks.
  5. Developing new parks and facilities.
  6. Establishing agreements and standards for private parks and school parks.

Park Grants Timeline

Recent Improvements

2018 - Apache Oil Grant

400 trees donated, over 100 trees were planted by city crews and volunteers at Veterans Park

New Splashpad for 2020
2018-2019 - LWCF Oklahoma State Tourism Grants

Veterans Park Improvements, building a new splash pad w/perimeter fencing, restroom facilities, paved parking. Under construction with a 2020 completion date

2019 - TSET Grant

Veterans Park Improvements, new basketball goals, lights at basketball court, new inclusive swing, new wood chips at playground.

2019 – LWCF Grant

Veterans Park Improvements, approximately 2 miles of 10-foot wide asphalt pedestrian trails on Veterans Park expansion.  The trail will be striped and have benches, trash cans, picnic tables.

2020 - TSET Grant

Pinecrest Park Improvement, installation of all new goal setups