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Comprehensive Plan

Introducing Newcastle 2040 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map

The Newcastle 2040 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map is a policy guide to shape the future growth of our city. This Plan was developed through collaboration with Guernsey Planning Consultants, community stakeholders, city planning staff and citizen input through surveys and public open house events. Newcastle 2040 is a roadmap for our city's long-term development.

Structured around six essential areas, the plan encompasses:

  1. Land Use, Infrastructure, & Utilities
  2. Housing, Neighborhoods, & Community Character
  3. Transportation & Mobility
  4. Economic Development
  5. Parks, Recreation, & Open Space
  6. Health, Wellness, & Quality of Life

The Land Use, Infrastructure & Utilities section is crucial for shaping Newcastle's development patterns in the future. This document will provide city staff and public officials a guide to make informed decisions regarding location of various types of development, for example, residential neighborhoods, commercial businesses, and public infrastructure.

The remaining chapters within the Newcastle 2040 Comprehensive Plan address key aspects of urban planning, including Housing, Transportation, Economic Development, Parks, and Health. Each chapter contributes to our overarching vision of fostering a thriving, balanced, and sustainable Newcastle; a community where citizens can enjoy a place to live, work and play.

The Newcastle 2040 Comprehensive Plan is available via this link: Newcastle 2040 Comprehensive Plan (adopted January 8, 2024) 238 MB PDF DOWNLOAD