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Street Department

The primary purpose of the Street Department is to plan, construct and maintain a safe, reliable and efficient road system for the City of Newcastle. This includes maintaining more than 150 miles of roadways, the installation and maintenance of traffic controls and informational signs, mowing of right-of-ways and the maintenance of the sidewalk system throughout the City. No matter what weather we have, we work to maintain safe streets throughout the city.


To provide a safe, efficient, and affordable system for movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through and within the City limits for our residents.

Additional duties

The Street Department also maintains the parks and cemetery system consisting of more than 170 acres.

Special Outreach/Projects/Events

The Street Department actively assists with special events in the community such as (local fun runs and the annual homecoming parade). We also assist with maintenance of the senior citizen’s building parking lot.

Contact Information

Newcastle Street Department

John Canary
Street Superintendent

For Concerns or Questions, Call City Hall at 405-387-4427

Or Send Your Concerns or Questions to Our Online Request Form