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Vehicle Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance staff consists of 2 team members who are responsible for the preventative maintenance and repair of all city vehicles and equipment, ordering and installing parts, and performing tire repair and tire replacement.

Mission Statement

As the City of Newcastle Vehicle Maintenance Department, we follow the principle that we will always do what is in the best interest for the employees and the community of Newcastle. We are a small team of hardworking individuals with a desire to not only accomplish our goals, but to accomplish them safely and effectively.  We will always maintain our commitment to the city, employees and ourselves.

Primary Activities

Maintain operability of city vehicles and equipment including but not limited to; police cars, fire engines, fire trucks, street department vehicles, water department vehicles, sewer department vehicles, road machinery, digging equipment, lawn mowing equipment, tractors, trailers and generators.

Secondary Activities

Maintain the city shop and all of the equipment used within.  Communicate with Fuelman, local and non-local businesses regarding vehicle maintenance parts and services.

DEPARTMENT Number of Vehicles
Police 25 vehicles
Fire 11 vehicles
Street 7 vehicles
35 heavy equipment items
Water 16 vehicles
16 heavy equipment items
12 generators (lift stations, etc)
General Government 4 vehicles
Vehicle Maintenance 2 vehicles


Contact Information

Newcastle Vehicle Maintenance

Joseph Dodson
Vehicle Maintenance Manager

Phone: (405) 387-3758

1900 NE 16th Street Newcastle, Oklahoma
P.O. Box 179 Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065