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Ticket Information

Schedule of Fines/Costs

Below is the schedule of fines and/or costs associated to traffic violations if paid by arraignment date on front of ticket:

Speeding 10 or less $145.00
Speeding 11 to 15 $155.00
Speeding 16 to 20 $165.00
Speeding 21 and over $220.00
Speeding School Zone 10 or less $155.00
Speeding School Zone 11 to 15 $165.00
Speeding School Zone 16 to 20 $220.00
Speeding School Zone 21 and over $290.00

Other Violations

Expired Tag License** $145.00
No Insurance Verification $145.00
Driving Left of Center $190.00
Violation of Stop Sign $145.00
All Other Bond Traffic Violations $145.00
Parking Violation $140.00
TOC/Beer $50.00
TOB/Alcohol $50.00
Altered Tag $290.00
OP in a Manner not Reas & Prop $170.00
Failure to wear seat belt $20.00
All Non-Traffic Ord-Violations $290.00


**If you have been charged with NO Security Verification form in Possession and you have proof that you were covered by insurance on the date and time of the offense, you must bring proof into the Court within 48 hours and the charge will be dismissed with no cost. If you are charged with Expired Tag or Expired Driver's license you can bring proof that you have updated the expiration and the fine will be reduced to court costs.

Contact Information

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