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Citywide Water Meter Change Out Program

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Metron-Farnier Meter ImageNewcastle Public Works Authority (NPWA) began a city-wide meter change-out program on February 06, 2024.

NPWA staff is working with MetronFarnier and Goins Enterprise (contractors) to accomplish the enormous task.

The project will involve changing out every meter (approximately 5,000) across Newcastle. The goal is to have all the existing meters changed out by October 2024.

Goins will have 4 to 8 field technicians working on this project each day.

The meter change out is a simple process that requires no involvement from our customers and will be completed with minimal water service  interruptions.

As these crews work along existing meter routes, they will be working mainly out in front of your home or business. Please note that most of our water meters are in front of properties. However, there are a few exceptions where the meters are located elsewhere.

Once your meter has been located, they will check to see if you are using any water. If not, they will shut off the water meter and start the meter swap. This change-out process and water service interruption will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes from start to finish.

In the real world everything goes just perfectly. However, in the meter world, there will be times that issues will arise and the change out process and service interruptions will take additional time to complete. Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated as we work to restore your water service.

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