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Animal Control

Newcastle Animal Control provides public health and safety for the citizens and animals of Newcastle, Oklahoma.

Our first focus is ensuring that the streets are safe by capturing animals running freely through the neighborhoods before they become injured or cause injury.

The second focus is the enforcement of animal-related ordinances that ensure the health and safety of all concerned as well as the needless overbreeding of animals within the City of Newcastle. Once in our care, Newcastle Animal Control is committed to providing humane care and protection of animals while they are in our facility.

Our Vision

Newcastle Animal Control firmly believes that every animal’s life is valuable and that every effort should be taken to save each life through owner reconciliation, adoption, or foster care placement through a rescue organization.

About Us

The City has established an animal rescue facility for strays and unwanted animals. Newcastle Animal Control is encouraging the community to adopt pets from the shelter.

Information regarding the shelter can be found on the Petfinder web site, under Shelter and Rescue Groups, or on Facebook

Contact Information

Newcastle Animal Control

Railen Gordon
Animal Control Officer

Tyler Brasseaux
Animal Control Officer

719 N. Walker Dr.
Newcastle, OK 73065

Phone: (405) 301-6038


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

After-hours Emergency

Phone: (405) 387-5525

Newcastle Animal Control Facebook