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Bond Schedule

Below is the schedule of bond associated to violations if paid by arraignment date on front of ticket:



Driving under Suspension $290.00
Reckless Driving $290.00
Eluding a Police Officer $290.00
Possession of Marijuana $290.00
Possession of Paraphernalia $290.00
Public Intoxication $190.00
Firearm Violation $160.00
Carrying Concealed Weapon $290.00
Assault and Battery $290.00
All Other Bondable Non-Traffic $290.00
Failure to Appear $290.00


WARNING AND NOTICE: If you fail to honor your signed promise to appear or otherwise fail to satisfy the charge on or before any arraignment time specified by the Court:

  1. Your Driver's license shall be suspended, either in Oklahoma, or in your home state under the Non-Resident Violator Compact.
  2. Your license will remain suspended until the charge is release by the Court and a driver's license reinstatement fee is paid.
  3. A FAILURE TO APPEAR charge will be filed against you.
  4. A WARRANT will be issued for your arrest.

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