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Most people may consider the primary function of a fire department is to extinguish fires. It comes as no surprise that for the most part, this is exactly right.

However, the services provided by a fire department are multifaceted which includes responding to medical emergencies, injury accidents, hazardous material incidents, weather related emergencies, and the list goes on and on.


The other side of fire department operations is something that may not always be visible to the public eye. The daily business of the fire department also includes testing fire hydrants to make sure they are operable and ready for use, preparing pre-fire plans of local businesses, training regularly to keep updated on changes that may affect response tactics, fire prevention activities; and again, the list goes on and on.

Ultimately, the primary function of the fire department is to maintain the highest level of preparedness possible and be ready to respond to the emergency and non-emergency needs of the citizens.


Tornado season is approaching and the fire department monitors weather forecasts on a daily basis. When damaging severe weather is approaching or a tornado warning has been issued that could affect our city, Newcastle firefighters are dispatched to various areas of the city to monitor weather conditions and warn citizens of possible impending danger.

In addition, Newcastle City Hall assists in the transmission of emergency messages to citizens via Connect CTY. This program which was approved and implemented by the City Council in 2007 has been a valuable tool in early warning notification along with the tornado sirens throughout the city. However, the fire department encourages citizens to always monitor and remain aware of weather conditions should severe storms approach.

The safety needs of citizens will inevitably increase as our community continues to grow. The fire department will make every effort to meet those needs through continued training and preparedness.

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Fire Department

Todd Yates
Fire Chief

801 N Carr Dr
Newcastle, OK 73065
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PO Box 179
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Non-Emergency: (405) 387-5823