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Fees for Adoption

An ordinance (No. 2006-013) was adopted December, 2006 to address Animal Control and fee schedules.

The fees for adoption and animal control fees/fines are listed below:

Adoption (All dogs and cats): All adoptions include FREE Initial Newcastle City Pet License and Rabies Vaccination
Adoption Fee for dogs and cats $40.00
Spay/neuter deposit (refundable) $10.00
Rabies vaccination deposit (if applicable) $10.00
Law Enforcement animals and specially trained service animals for persons with disabilities FREE
Adoption by Senior Citizen $25.00
Special Adoption: Two or more adopted $25.00 each
Special Adoption: Animal 4 years of age or older $25.00


Contact Information

Newcastle Animal Control

Railen Gordon
Animal Control Officer

Tyler Brasseaux
Animal Control Officer

719 N. Walker Dr.
Newcastle, OK 73065

Phone: (405) 301-6038


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

After-hours Emergency

Phone: (405) 387-5525

Newcastle Animal Control Facebook